the september issue

british vogue has been playing it safe for quite some time now.
boring covers, boring features, boring editorials.
london is a leader in world fashion, one of the only cities outside of tokyo where a truly varied and unique sense of style is witnessed on the street so it is alarming that the leader in fashion magazines is so dull.
it may not be as banal as anna wintour's us vogue but it won't be long.
alexandra shulman should maybe be swapping notes instead with french vogue's carine roitfeld, vouge italia's franca sozzanni and vogue nippon's anna dello russo if british vogue is truly to remain the fashion bible it proclaims to be.
now on to the september 2010 issue, the most important issue for every fashion magazine in the world.
for the past six years, kate moss has been on the cover of four september issues of british vogue.
who is 2010's cover girl?
quelle surprise!!
kate moss.
i am a massive moss fan and i am pleased that this cover looks a lot more interesting than what we've been subjected to throughout the year, but c'mon!
british vogue, more originality and excitement needed asap please.



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