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yoann reininger

photo by dorrian.

yoann reininger is a twenty year old french artist who has spent the last four years living in glasgow working on his artwork.
"coming to glasgow has been the most formative thing that could have happened to me, now i feel ready for anything."
yoann has recently launched his own blog showcasing his work. below are a couple of examples but a visit to his site is highly recommended.

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lady gaga album drop

after what seems like a solid year of anticipation, lady gaga's sophomore record, 'born this way' has finally dropped. the official release isn't until next week but you can stream via the metro, presumably down to the inevitable leaks.
i'm not ashamed to say that i've been a gaga fan from the start, i hasten to call myself a little monster though, and i must admit, i had a little case of the fear for ol' stefani. a product of her own hype and mass-marketing, she had a lot to live up to.
the first single, title track 'born this way', catchy as it was, it was no 'bad romance'. this was a song she had proclaimed to be the best she'd ever written, shit.
'judas' came, it was good although still something was missing.
then in what seems like the weirdest album campaign ever, tracks started dropping left, right and centre, shooting to number 1 all over the world until this morning when the album was finally made available to listen to in it's entirety.
there's a couple of shit ones on it but when it's good, it's incredible.
recommended listens, 'government hooker' 'americano' 'heavy metal lover' 'schie├če' and 'electric chapel'.
can't wait for the remixes!

images of gaga by inez & vinoodh for v magazine.

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vote laura

close friend of the diamonds, laura mcmonagle, has been nominated for a scottish fashion award for FASHION ICON. nominated in the same category as tilda swinton, karen gillan and kelly macdonald, she faces tough competition but we're more than confident our girl has it in the bag.
but you can play a part in laura's victory! simply click on the link HERE and enter your email address.
bw photo by dorrian.
colour photo by ki.
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coming attractions

i've been obsessively watching tons of movie trailers the past few days. going to the cinema in london is a luxury which one often can't afford at the hefty price tag of almost 15 bucks a time but regardless of that, here's a few reasons to spend a couple of hours inside this summer.

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What are you wearing? Go back to your room and change immediately.

Looking for some new threads?
Look no further.


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Iamamiwhoami returns!

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heavy flow

launch night of mine and claire barrow's club night 'heavy flow' at vogue fabrics, 29th april 2011.
special thanks go to ashley, ella, keex and paul.