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the actresses

Well it's about time to come out of an extended blogging hibernation to throw my two cents in this years Oscars race. Which to those who know me well, will know awards season is my favourite time of year. Ever since I was a kid I've followed the campaigns for Academy Awards fiercely, compiling my predictions and ballot way ahead of the awaited night. With all the major precursors taken place already (SAG, Golden Globes, Critics Choice) the race is well and truly underway.

Before my predictions can be finalised and set in stone, of course I need to have seen all of the films nominated. So today, after viewing 'August: Osage County', I can turn my gaze to the categories of Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Let's start with Amy Adams in 'American Hustle'. Now Adams is that certain kind of actress, consistently good, impressive CV, 4 previous Oscar nominations, but she rarely ever shines. I can't ever recall a time I've thought, "great movie, Amy Adams was phenomenal", and this year is no exception. She gives a solid performance but she still has to the find that role which she can really stick her teeth into. I always get the feeling that she plays it safe as an actress, which has been highly successful for her so far, but will it ever be enough to claim Oscar gold? I don't think so. I'd say at this point, the only advantage she has is being the only member of the category without a previous win. She missed the SAG nomination but there's evidently a lot of love in the Academy for Hustle, if it goes for a sweep, will Adams be pulled in with it? 

Then there's Sandra Bullock in 'Gravity', the current front-runner for Best Picture and deservedly so. Bullock was the surprise of the year for me, I've never thought much of her as a dramatic actress, and felt her Oscar winning turn in 'The Blind Side' was truly overrated, but her ability to carry off a 90 minute film on her own was an admirable feat. As well as the physical challenges she faced in the role while communicating the emotional complexities of the character, she kept me captivated through the entirety of 'Gravity'. The Academy historically aren't kind to science fiction films, but if 'Gravity' maintains it's frontrunner status, voters could be inclined to give Bullock their vote too.

I absolutely loved 'Philomena' and especially thanks to the magnificent performance of Judi Dench. Heartwarming, tender, sincere, I can't rave about it enough. Ordinarily Dench would be claiming every prize under the sun, but I feel the it may sit on the safe side for the voters. It's a fantastic performance but is it really more memorable and deserving than the others?

Meryl, Meryl, Meryl. Meryl Streep. More nominations than any other actor (this is her 18th) and 3 previous wins, she truly is the undisputed queen of the Oscars. Five minutes into 'August: Osage County', you know that this is going to be another remarkable turn by Streep. What's fascinating about Streep, is the dedication she gives to every role, you could never accuse her of being an actor who rests on her laurels (take note Adams) and with Violet Weston, she creates another multifaceted, complex character who deserves none of your sympathy but can't take your eyes off. If Streep hadn't been again a recent winner, and if the film had garnered a lot more love than it did, I'd consider her a real threat.

Finally we have Cate Blanchett in 'Blue Jasmine'. So far this awards season, Blanchett has won everything, EVERYTHING. Now Woody Allen not only knows how to write amazing screenplays with fantastic characters, he writes incredible roles for women, and I can't imagine anyone else so perfect for the character of Jasmine than Blanchett. From the opening scene on the airplane boring the passenger beside her with details of her previously privileged lifestyle to her eventual breakdown, Blanchett grabs you by the throat and never lets go, perfectly conveying all the neurosis of the Woody characters we've come to know and love. Give the woman the Oscar now!

Who will win? Cate Blanchett

Who should win? Cate Blanchett

Who should've been nominated? Adele Exarchopoulos 'Blue is the Warmest Colour'
                                                                Emma Thompson 'Saving Mr. Banks'

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Jennifer Lawrence in 'American Hustle'. I have a real problem with Lawrence as an actress, what is it that others see that I can't?! Sure she's pretty funny in interviews, she appears to not take herself too seriously, she's a positive role model for young women everywhere. But when it comes down to it, is her work as good as the praise that gets thrown upon it? No. It's not. Excusing her criminally overrated performance in last year's 'Silver Linings Playbook' I actually enjoyed her portrayal of Rosalyn Rosenfeld in Hustle, ballsy, gutsy, a bit on the daft side. But award worthy? Absolutely not. Next!

It's about time Sally Hawkins started getting some real recognition and finally the Academy have sat up and noticed due to her part in 'Blue Jasmine'. Playing alongside Cate Blanchett must be a daunting task for any actor, especially with the weight of that role, but Hawkins more than holds her own, injecting some real humanity into the character. Woody Allen does great things for his actresses, could he have directed her on her way to Oscar gold? I wouldn't bet against it. Hawkins was already the surprise nomination for this category, knocking out former favourite Oprah Winfrey. The Academy has historically thrown a surprise in the Supporting Actress field, could Hawkins be this year's surprise? 

One of the great finds of 2013 has been the extraordinarily beautiful Lupita Nyong'o for her work in Steve McQueen's 12 Years A Slave. As Patsey, she delivers a performance full of heartfelt emotion, tenderness and an optimism for life despite the agonising atrocities she faced. I try to not let myself got caught up in hype, but it was hard not to read anything about Slave without reading about the wonders of Nyong'o. So on that front, I went into the film expecting to be completely blown away by her. I wasn't, but it still didn't deter from my thought that she was fantastic, maybe the subtleties were lost on me.

Now 'Nebraska' was one of my favourite films of last year so I was beside myself come Oscar morning when I saw that June Squibb had made the cut. When she first appears on screen, I was cursing her in my head, praying for her to leave the screen. Which then quickly subsided and I revelled in the sheer joy of her performance as she paves the way to become the real heart of the story. Up there with the best comic performances of the past decade. If it were up to me, it'd be, welcome to the club June.

Lastly, we have Julia Roberts for 'August: Osage County'. First things first, this is not a supporting performance. Roberts very much plays the lead against Meryl Streep's character, arguably having more screen time, but that's how Harvey Weinstein has campaigned her so I guess noone can argue with that. What Roberts does though, is give the finest performance she's given in years. Finally taking on a role that challenges her and even acting Streep off the screen at one point. One can guess she's been campaigned in the supporting category to widen her chances of success against Streep, but unfortunately for both of them, it was too strong a year.

Who will win? Lupita Nyong'o

Who should win? June Squibb

Who should've been nominated? Lea Seydoux 'Blue is the Warmest Colour'
                                                                Margot Robbie 'The Wolf of Wall Street'
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glasgow film festival 2013

with gff13 just around the corner and excitement building, here's my selection that i've nabbed tickets for.
beyond gutted that i have plans when 'stoker' is showing.

'helter skelter' this looks INSANE

'lore' this looks stunningly beautiful

'bella addormentata' this has isabelle huppert in it, reason enough

'dans la maison' and this is the new film by FRANCOIS FUCKING OZON, i'm a bit excited about this one

i also have a ticket for the surprise movie, of course i have no idea what it could be, if i was to wish for a particular film, i'd go for harmony korine's new one with vanessa hudgens, selena gomez and james franco. i know, i'm confused too. BUT LOOK.

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women: marie

a little short from an incomplete series, never to be completed

feat. marie stewart

women: marie from Mark Dorrian on Vimeo.
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film by dorrian feat. kiku

kkshy from Mark Dorrian on Vimeo.
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glitter & gold

collaboration with lou clavé of hair for heroes

photos by dorrian
hair by lou clavé 
make up by kirsty geddes
clothing by obscure couture
shapes by lauren haggarty, ashleigh greenwood, heather guyan + victoria middleton  

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a long time ago, i started shooting for a project that never fully came to fruition. and never will. in this form anyway. i won't offer an explanation of the reasoning for these set of images. click to enlarge for best view.


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the sky was blue


please click like on the facebook page for information on dorrian's forthcoming short 'the sky was blue'

starring hippolyte reininger, jayd johnson, livia vesperini, anne-marie lallement, laura mcmonagle + jaime winstone.
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hair raiser

on may 3rd, sub club in glasgow was host to the first fundraiser for the production of stephen sheriff's debut film, 'WAITRESS'.
this featured a hair and fashion show for the launch of lou clavé's 'hair for heroes'.
there was a short presentation by WAITRESS at the show featuring bespoke wigs by clavé and sheriff.
i was asked to collaborate in producing visuals which would accompany the performance.

directed by stephen sheriff
shot and edited by mark dorrian
feat. stephen sheriff, skye cooper barr + adele reilly

follow the exciting progress of WAITRESS - HERE
and also check out HAIR FOR HEROES - HERE

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'conversation.' by hippolyte reininger

i've collaborated on a few short films with french artist, hippolyte reininger, but he has recently released his first solo effort. blending his own sharp-witted observations with typical scottish humour that he seems to have picked up, reininger's 'conversation' is a highly enjoyable and recommended view.

photo by dorrian

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the cross i bear

a film by mark dorrian
feat sean maguire + nadine artois
music by lloyd alex (black rope)
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a film by mark dorrian
feat. laura mcmonagle + stephen sheriff
music by lloyd alex (black rope)

part three of three

with thanks to lou clavé, paul clavé + yoann reininger

part one 'le silence du silence'

part two 'the silence of silence'

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speak for yourself

a film by mark dorrian + yoann reininger

inspired by 'speak for yourself' by yoann reininger

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a french in glasgow

a film by mark dorrian + yoann reininger

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the last goodbye

actress samantha morton has directed this beautiful promo clip for the kills 'the last goodbye'

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supermax boxing day blowout

supermax boxing day blowout @ brunswick hotel, glasgow
photos by dorrian
styling by lisa ringrose