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soon you will be leaving your man

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mind the gap

for models these days, it seems to be a prerequisite that they have a gap in their front teeth. opinions are divided on this current trend but it is nothing new, harping back to the sixties when blonde bombshell brigitte bardot was the epitome of vixen and poster girl for female sexuality right through to vanessa paradis in the early nineties.
there is a myth that a gap in your front teeth represents wealth and i'm pretty positive that this ailment hasn't harmed any of these girls' bank balances.
vive le gap!

brigitte bardot

vanessa paradis

lara stone

lindsay wixson

georgia may jagger

abbey lee kershaw

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black friday

just in case you forgot who's queen.
nicki who?

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francois ozon

i hold a special place in my heart for french cinema, in particular the work of screenwriter and director, francois ozon.
due to the release on dvd of his latest venture, "le refuge", i've been revisiting some of his classics.
a master of characterisation and human study, his features are highly recommended additions to your lovefilm list.

stills from top:
"le refuge"
"8 femmes"
"le temps qui reste"
"swimming pool"

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for anyone who missed this last week,
YouTube user Shasaki has uploaded all chapters for your viewing pleasure.


the new/live version of 'O' is particularly INCREDIBLE. catch it on chapter 3!
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check out the new work from my mate, claire barrow and her mate, eloise parry.
it's good shit.

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girls of st. martins

photos by saga sig

now, if you're like me, when you think of a central st. martins student, you think of a faceless pretentious hipster, the type of person to go to a house party and hog the computer all night watching margiela runway shows on youtube, crying into their wine glass about the beauty of it all.
but the guys over at vice style have done a little shoot with some of the female students of csm, sort of like a high-brow version of the seasonal girls of fhm annual.
and the verdict, they're not all that bad after all.
the jury is still out on the male students though.
the rest of the photos are available at :

not as exciting as a cheryl cole calendar, but a worthwhile time killer nonetheless.

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With this latest video we are given a link to a website
which gives details of an IAMAMIWHOAMI concert.
After some super sleuthing (hah!) I have discovered this will
stream live on Youtube's new live service on the 16th of November at 12:01am.
Get involved.