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dorrian x barrow

a film by dorrian
feat. claire barrow
styling by nadine artois
music 'it's what god would say' by babybones
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the silence of silence

a film by mark dorrian
feat. laura mcmonagle

part two of three

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rebel rebel

queen of the world mrs hince does her best bowie impression on the cover of the new vogue paris.

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elfie hopkins

new teaser trailer for my girl jaime's forthcoming movie 'elfie hopkins'.

can't fucking wait for this one!

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cheryl cole for rankin

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the story of the marble and the sculptor

"people are here when you need them
sometimes they're not
so you look for them
you expect them to be around the corner
it's at this point only that you realise that they're not an object
that you may have treated them like it before
and the other person may still feel like an it instead of a him
you just need to find the perfect moment when both realise what they are for each other"

- yoann reininger

a film by mark dorrian + yoann reininger
music by lloyd alex
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amanda hendrick

fashion month went by this season without me taking much notice, i tend to do that with the s/s collections.
but one thing that grabbed my attention was friend of the diamonds, amanda hendrick, killing it on every catwalk she stepped on.
i first photographed amanda for my 'chicks who smoke' exhibition back in 2007 and it's amazing to see her currently doing so well.
i caught up with amanda yesterday and she filled me in on some backstage gossip from the shows and the christmas campaign she's just shot for topshop.
it seems like every girl out there at the moment claims to be a model so it's refreshing to see someone as down to earth as amanda taking the fashion world by storm.
long may it continue for real life, walking, talking model, amanda hendrick.

photos by dorrian
photos below from style.com


jean-paul gaultier

mary katrantzou

paco rabanne

paul smith

mark fast

danielle scutt

sass + bide
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angela brandys x angela brandys

photos by dorrian
shapes by angela brandys

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kele feat. lucy taylor

check out the new video from kele, styled by my best friend, nadine artois.
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sasha pivovarova for vogue paris

sasha pivovarova by mert + marcus for vogue paris.
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cover girl carine

best. cover. ever.

the most exquisite woman in the world, carine roitfeld by terry richardson for i-d.
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a few months ago, a friend recommended i check out the movie 'heartbeats'.
she had been forwarded a clip and thought of me due to "it's french with sumptuous cinematography, the knife and decadent flat parties."
being quite the avid fan of french cinema as i am, i was surprised that this one had slipped under my radar, a mystery resolved when i showed the clip in question to a french friend who upon hearing 3 seconds of dialogue, informed me that it was a canadian film and the actors were from quebec.
more fool me.
i finally got round to watching 'heartbeats' over the weekend and it is indeed fantastic.
the story centres around two best friends, francis and marie, who both fall in love with the charming nicolas, who in turn teases both of them to often hilarious but essentially heart-rendering results.
the cinematography is indeed sumptuous, and the soundtrack superb.
the three leads are magnificent, and it wasn't until after i finished viewing that i discovered xavier dolan who wrote and directed the movie, also played the character of francis.
finally, sensing the ending was near and thinking how enjoyable it had been, up pops louis garrel for a little cameo.

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monsieur sexploit

check out these new tracks from 'monsieur sexploit'.
a years in the making side project from alan power + lloyd alex.

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tubular belles

love this shoot for vice style.
photos by maisie cousins
styling by sam voulters

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vogue japan 10/11

florence welch by karl lagerfeld.

holy shit.

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terry 4 claire

proud of my girl claire barrow for her customised versace inspired leather jacket being featured in i-d magazine this month. on the back of lindsey wixson it was photographed by none other than the man himself, terry fucking richardson!!
check out claire's other work at:
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mother + daughter

kate + lila grace by mario testino for us vogue.

so beautiful.
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like crazy

so last year 'blue valentine' was the romantic drama of the year that broke my cold heart in two.
this year it looks set to happen again with the release of 'like crazy'. winner of the grand jury prize for dramatic film at sundance and also the winner of a special grand dury prize for acting, the trailer alone is enough to have you crying into your pillow.
i usually avoid these kind of films but with the critical acclaim from sundance and the stellar cast, i'm preparing myself for the heartbreak.

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the new issue of leonora belcher's indicate magazine is now available to view online, featuring new work by ki and i.
check it out HERE.
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kristin scott thomas

after watching 'il y a longtemps que je t'aime' and 'partir' over the weekend, i am now full on obsessed with kristin scott thomas.
such understated performances full of passion and emotion.

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emmanuelle alt: vogue paris

it's no big secret that i love a good magazine cover, and the august issue of french vogue is right up there with my favourites.
i can't stop looking at it.
complete, downright brilliance.
i was sceptical to say the least when emmanuelle alt took the editor's chair earlier this year.
i've never been a fan of her editorial styling work or really of the woman herself and let's be honest, carine roitfeld left a fucking hard act to follow.
but bravo mme alt, i'm eating my hat.

alt's further 3 covers as editor-in-chief.

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angel trumpets, devil trombones

photos by dorrian
shapes by laura mcmonagle + stephen sheriff
styling by lisa ringrose
hair by colin o'reilly
make up by tatiana ashakova

thanks to the corinthian, glasgow