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glasgow film festival 2013

with gff13 just around the corner and excitement building, here's my selection that i've nabbed tickets for.
beyond gutted that i have plans when 'stoker' is showing.

'helter skelter' this looks INSANE

'lore' this looks stunningly beautiful

'bella addormentata' this has isabelle huppert in it, reason enough

'dans la maison' and this is the new film by FRANCOIS FUCKING OZON, i'm a bit excited about this one

i also have a ticket for the surprise movie, of course i have no idea what it could be, if i was to wish for a particular film, i'd go for harmony korine's new one with vanessa hudgens, selena gomez and james franco. i know, i'm confused too. BUT LOOK.

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women: marie

a little short from an incomplete series, never to be completed

feat. marie stewart

women: marie from Mark Dorrian on Vimeo.
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film by dorrian feat. kiku

kkshy from Mark Dorrian on Vimeo.
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glitter & gold

collaboration with lou clavé of hair for heroes

photos by dorrian
hair by lou clavé 
make up by kirsty geddes
clothing by obscure couture
shapes by lauren haggarty, ashleigh greenwood, heather guyan + victoria middleton