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kate who?

yesterday, nadine and i visited mario testino's "kate who?" exhibition in london. spread over two locations, the saatchi and phillips de pury & company galleries, the exhibition features testino's favourite images of moss throughout her career.

it's images like this that inspired myself and seán aidan maguire to start chicks who smoke back in 2007. i love how innocent kate looks here and that the photograph shows her smoking in a cafe, a long forgotten ritual now it would seem.

it was very impressive to note the prints lost no quality even though they were absolutely massive.

one day this chick will smoke for me. (?)

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johnny's bird

johnny's bird is a photography blog that i've been following for quite a while now.
run by moni haworth, it documents young londoners jumping about their flats, dressing up and posing.
a simple concept with amazing results.
well worth a visit.


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elena melnik

what is it about russia and models?

elena melnik for cover magazine

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riccardo tisci

everything he touches turns to gold.

givenchy fall 2010 couture.

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karina taira

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the mystery continues.....sort of

So we find ourselves seven months into the IAMAMIWHOAMI saga and finally we get some answers. IAM has amassed 12,000 subscribers and almost 3,000,000 views of their youtube channel found here.

A few months ago the release of their/his/her full length video was subsequently found as an mp3 on iTunes and from this we knew IAM meant business. With each release since, IAM has continued to please our eyes and ears.

In order we were presented with B, O, U-1, U-2, N and T...each as dazzling as the last. Picking up on this new code (which is much easier to break than the number strings from their early videos) the only logical guess would be that Y would be IAM's next video and it turns out we might be right. I am going to hazard a guess that we might not even see a Y video but the clue lies in the end of where she appears to say, "Why" or "Y". Anyway I digress...

The website iambounty.com appeared recently on the interweb and a quick whois search has found the website has been registered to a Miss Jonna Lee.

Okay, I know this isn't such a surprise as we could already tell the Swedish songstress was a part of this story but now we have a website and, hopefully, and album to look forward to. I am now with the consensus that Jonna is fronting vox and a team of other Scandinavian musicians and artists are producing the music and videos. The album is titled (for now) as To Whom It May Concern and each track is available for download. Each download coincides with each video release so I am assuming we are meant to get the entire audio visual experience with each track.

here is the latest piece of wonder.

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topshop vs topman

i've been increasingly impressed by the new topshop autumn/winter collection currently being unveiled and spurred on by the latest mannequin and creative displays revealed today in the oxford circus flagship store, i wandered onto the topman website to find out what was instore for us males this coming season.
and here it is.

you must be having a laugh topman?!
look how exciting the topshop range looks compared to this!
"a nod to the east london and scandinavian music scenes, brushed flannel checks are worn alongside fine vintage knits & slim fit chinos."
ok, more of the same then?
high street menswear is constantly a letdown and it is almost impossible to find pieces that mirror what is being spurned from the big fashion houses.
topshop, i salute you.
topman, pull your socks up please.

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ashley ftw

came across this image and had to share.
ashley has always been my favourite olsen.
mary-kate is so blah and veers too much on the try-hard side of life for my tastes.
ashley is always groomed to perfection in the effortless type of way.
where mary-kate tries to speak to the current generation of fashion types with her attire, ashley never looks anything short of timeless.
ashley olsen, je t'aime et personne d'autre.

image by sebastian faena for vman.

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in the end, hope is all we have.

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this year's girl

photos by dorrian
styling by nadine ahmad
shapes by sandy
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i've been immersing myself in the spring 2011 menswear collections that just previewed in milan and paris and while i was planning on doing a full review on my favourite shows, i just have too much to say and too little time and plus, all the other bloggers bet me to it.

however, here are some looks from my favourite shows that i will be attempting to replicate this summer.

i am a man of simple tastes.
kris van assche


comme des garcons