the mystery continues.....sort of

So we find ourselves seven months into the IAMAMIWHOAMI saga and finally we get some answers. IAM has amassed 12,000 subscribers and almost 3,000,000 views of their youtube channel found here.

A few months ago the release of their/his/her full length video was subsequently found as an mp3 on iTunes and from this we knew IAM meant business. With each release since, IAM has continued to please our eyes and ears.

In order we were presented with B, O, U-1, U-2, N and T...each as dazzling as the last. Picking up on this new code (which is much easier to break than the number strings from their early videos) the only logical guess would be that Y would be IAM's next video and it turns out we might be right. I am going to hazard a guess that we might not even see a Y video but the clue lies in the end of where she appears to say, "Why" or "Y". Anyway I digress...

The website appeared recently on the interweb and a quick whois search has found the website has been registered to a Miss Jonna Lee.

Okay, I know this isn't such a surprise as we could already tell the Swedish songstress was a part of this story but now we have a website and, hopefully, and album to look forward to. I am now with the consensus that Jonna is fronting vox and a team of other Scandinavian musicians and artists are producing the music and videos. The album is titled (for now) as To Whom It May Concern and each track is available for download. Each download coincides with each video release so I am assuming we are meant to get the entire audio visual experience with each track.

here is the latest piece of wonder.


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