a few months ago, a friend recommended i check out the movie 'heartbeats'.
she had been forwarded a clip and thought of me due to "it's french with sumptuous cinematography, the knife and decadent flat parties."
being quite the avid fan of french cinema as i am, i was surprised that this one had slipped under my radar, a mystery resolved when i showed the clip in question to a french friend who upon hearing 3 seconds of dialogue, informed me that it was a canadian film and the actors were from quebec.
more fool me.
i finally got round to watching 'heartbeats' over the weekend and it is indeed fantastic.
the story centres around two best friends, francis and marie, who both fall in love with the charming nicolas, who in turn teases both of them to often hilarious but essentially heart-rendering results.
the cinematography is indeed sumptuous, and the soundtrack superb.
the three leads are magnificent, and it wasn't until after i finished viewing that i discovered xavier dolan who wrote and directed the movie, also played the character of francis.
finally, sensing the ending was near and thinking how enjoyable it had been, up pops louis garrel for a little cameo.


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