Charlotte FTW

so, I'm wondering if anyone else loves Charlotte from this season of Britain's Next Top Model as much as I do?
I am backing her for the win and if she makes it to the final have an inkling that the public will vote for her too. Picking up on previous series of BNTM and ANTM, the girls with the most air time in their little VTs tend to go far or even win (please note this isn't an exact formula - I loved me some Mollie Sue from ANTM "cycle" 6 and she got the boot midway despite clocking up some decent air time). Admittedly, Charlotte isn't the greatest model and I sense she may do some TV work on completion of the show instead of high fashion campaigns BUT isn't it nice to see a model with a bit of spunk and who always leaves the photographers feeling good when she leaves set?
I am sure I'm not alone in this so Julien MacDonald - go fuck yourself.


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