hollywood ending

sceptically, i sat down to watch the movie "chloe" earlier today which is a remake of one of my favourite french films, "nathalie...". all my fears were realised, it was truly awful.
both films tell the story of an older woman who suspects her husband is cheating on her so she hires a prostitute to seduce him and report back with her sordid tales.
julianne moore is an extremely capable actress but she plays the part of the woman scorned too exaggerated and overemotional, whereas her french counterpart played the role with subtlety and poise, making you feel sympathetic towards her.
amanda seyfried is a pretty girl and not bad an actress but she was far too young to play the role of chloe/nathalie, where emmanuelle beart smouldered and gave a sophisticated performance, seyfried annoys and leave you with no pity for her.
in "nathalie..." there is an underlying sexual chemistry with the two women but hollywood being hollywood had to have the characters embark on a series of sexual encounters together leading to the completely ridiculous ending which retracts from the main twist of the story which made the french original so fantastic in the first place.
anne fontaine (director of coco avant chanel) made a delicate, sensitive and classy movie but atom egoyan's "chloe" is just a mess.
judge for yourself.



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