the kills

the kills @ oran mor, glasgow circa 2008.

going through my archives, i found these photos from a couple of years ago.
i first became a fan of the kills after seeing them play a headline show at oran mor in glasgow in october 2005. i had originally bought a ticket as my favourite band at the time, be your own pet, were the support act and it was their first glasgow gig. after a stellar performance from byop which resulted in the whole band moshing with the crowd and myself unfortunately being in lead singer jemina's eyeline as she launched a punch, i was sceptical that the kills would be able to excite me. but i was blown away, the kills are without a doubt one of the best live acts i've seen.
the kills are alison mosshart and jamie hince, or vv and hotel, as they'd prefer to be known.
the kills are nothing short of captivating when they perform, many other bands and artists rely heavily on the crowd, onstage banter, crowd participation, but when vv and hotel play their performance speaks for itself.
with vv predominately hiding behind her hair, throwing herself around the stage and hotel picking a member of the audience to stare out through the entirety of a song, it's mesmerising. the kills always have the audience in the palm of their hand, but you almost feel like it wouldn't matter if the crowd wasn't there, the main people they are playing for, are each other.
sharing a microphone while screaming lyrics at each other, grinding guitars together, you could cut the sexual tension with a knife and it's no wonder the partner of one member is supposedly jealous.
with a fourth studio album slated for release before the end of the year, the kills will no doubt be hitting the road very shortly and i highly recommend purchasing a ticket.



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