throughout my life, i've been strangely attracted to macabre side of life.
as far back as i can remember, i always rooted for the villains in movies and horror was my preferred genre. pre-adolescence i was obsessed with the occult and all things to do with witchcraft. more recently, i guess these attitudes to life have been represented in the way i dress. after being a child of the nu-rave clubbing generation and grown out of that very quickly, i don't seem to have bought an item of clothing in the past year that hasn't been black, or at least of a muted colour palette.
discussing this with diamond ki over the weekend, i came to the conclusion that my fascination with the darker side of life must stem all the way back to when i was an infant. the first disney movie i was shown was "sleeping beauty" and it has long been my favourite.
i idolised maleficent throughout my childhood, even dressing up as her for halloween a couple of times. i have the photos to prove it but these will safely remain with my mother and her photo albums thank you very much.
so all hail maleficent, the premiere villain of the disney age and muse to me it would seem.



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