farewell che camille

back in 2007, i went along to che camille's 3d fashion show with a group of college friends which took place in the now infamous chateau. this was also my first meeting with owner, camille lorigo, and at that moment i could never have predicted what impact she would have on my professional life.
throughout the years, camille was always a constant source of guidance and inspiration. from lending clothes for personal project shoots to setting me up with shoots for new designers, camille encouraged me and my confidence in myself grew as a result.
when i went down to visit camille in the new incarnation of che camille at the saltmarket to tell her about an exhibition piece, "chicks who smoke", i was planning, she was the first person to offer a studio space to showcase the work.
where other people had dismissed the idea and questioned my ability to pull it off, camille was extremely supportive from the word go, and spurred me on in every way possible.
after the exhibition, she allowed my work to be displayed in her stores, both at saltmarket and in argyll arcade and was a real advocate of the project. even taking my work to the pop-up store in camden, thus allowing me to add an exhibition in the mecca of london to my cv.
working as part of the team in various fashion shows and the creation of lvb models, camille filled you with so much enthusiasm and no idea was ever too big.
can we really do a catwalk show on the subway? SURE WE CAN!
this may be my personal experience of che camille, but i know it was the same for a lot of other young creative people, trying to find their way in the fashion and arts industry.
che camille was a real nurturing ground for homegrown talent and i am deeply saddened to hear today of it's closure.
i'd like to thank camille for the support over the years, i sure as hell wouldn't be where i am today and have the self belief that i have if i hadn't wandered along to the chateau all those years ago.
i know this won't be the last we hear of camille, and can't wait to see what the future holds.
but for now, che camille, you will be so dearly missed.
thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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