saturday night's alright

once again, i've been shamelessly addicted to the national phenomenon that is simon cowell's x factor. cancelling weekend plans to indulge have been a common occurrence for me these past few weeks but it all ends tonight.
i'm rooting for the underdog, cher lloyd. we all know she doesn't stand a chance of winning but how odd is it that if you say the name "cher" to most people in britain right now, they will immediately think of lloyd, rather than cher of the non-moving facial expression camp. in fact, when you type "cher" in google, there are three other more popular suggestions before the ageing pop icon.
the power of the cowell.

my main kudos of this season however, go to grace woodward.
woodward was taken on board as the new fashion director this season and hasn't she done well!
in previous years contestants looked like advertisements for topshop and all saints but ms woodward has been dressing contestants in none other than, gareth pugh, maison martin margiela, mark fast, house of holland, jonathan saunders and if rumours are to be believed, the lovely rebecca ferguson will be slipping into a victor + rolf number this weekend.

and speaking of rumours, cher lloyd will be allegedly taking on nine year old willow smith's "whip my hair". tonight's previous plans are indeed now cancelled.



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