so we are finally blessed with a new video from iamamiwhoami. check it out below before I start to give my two cents...

so first off can I just say, "HAHAHAHAHAAH" to all the people who thought Christina Aguilera was actually talented enough to produce something this credible!
After scouring some forums I have come to agree with the suggestion that this is the work of Scandinavian performer Jonna Lee. The latest video gives us another beautiful insight into this girl's life and music...


the photo is pretty hard evidence that it could be her but alas we still do not know for certain. the resemblance between the men in the video and that of her band is quite striking but you have to remember that what is striking is their features - very germanic or scandinavian looking. I'm not sure if they are definitely the same guys but I guess this is the way iamamiwhoami wants us to feel.

I am excited for the emergence of this artist, regardless of who it is now.

bring it on.


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