day two

day two of my fourth attempt in three months to stop smoking.
the longest i've went is one week so far and only gave in then to christmas peer pressure.
it's gruelling today.
maybe i should clean out my room.

booked a three day trip to paris today for march.
going to shoot for chicks who smoke.
so in between going to the supermarket today
i've been watching

les amants reguliers by phillipe garrel

and listening

and even better, it turns out to be paris fashion week when i'm there.
hello model smokers.

today looked like this

converse high-tops
all saints estelle skinny jeans, self-customised
american apparel tri-blend vest
hand-knitted jumper by my mother
christopher kane denim jacket



Anonymous | February 16, 2010 at 7:33 PM

the jumper looks fab babes!

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